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Our Principles

We apply the following principles to our work every day. They are built into all aspects of our model and they shape how we interact with our communities.


We believe that a critical driver of successful rural development is ensuring that men and women, boys and girls have equal access to critical opportunities and resources, and are full partners in the community development process. This includes such priorities as making sure that both husbands and wives sign promissory notes and receive land titles, and ensuring that women are occupying positions of community leadership.


Our beneficiary partners play a central and active role in the development process. From the design of new communities and development of long-term business plans, to Agros’ evaluation of the impact of our work, families are integral stakeholders and full partners. The more families are engaged in their own development, the more they are willing to take on the responsibilities of decision-making, leadership, and ownership of the community. Agros communities are co-led by women and men from the community, with women regularly taking on leadership roles.


We have learned how the effective and sustainable management of natural resources is essential to the long-term success of our partners. We are committed to working alongside communities to protect and conserve water, soil, and other natural resources to ensure healthy eco-systems and sustainable livelihoods for small producer families.


We use a sophisticated results framework to measure and evaluate our programmatic activities in order to drive innovation. As a learning organization, we are constantly looking for ways to strengthen the impact of our work, and—without compromising impact—improve our efficiency.

This video tells the Agros story of how we work in community.

Family of seven pose for the camera

Older women looking forward

Two farmers working with the crops