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Eliminating Poverty

Poverty is complex - it affects all areas of life. It robs health, security, stability, opportunity and hope from individuals, families, communities and countries. A family cannot thrive if all their energy and time is spent on just surviving.  

Our mission is to see rural poor families own agricultural land, attain economic self-sufficiency, realize their God-given potential, and pass on to future generations the values and resources that enable them to flourish.

Our work is focused on poorest of the poor, those living in extreme poverty. The World Bank defines poverty as income less than $1.25 per day. The average income for families prior to joining an Agros community is just $.50 per day. 

Rural Povery Rates

Of the 1.2B people who live in poverty, 74 percent of them are in rural areas. 1.74 million are in Central America.  Recent rural poverty rates for the countries where we focus are:


Rural Poverty Rates











Our Solution For Eliminating Poverty

Our model has helped more than 10,000 people move sustainably out of poverty during these past thirty years. Our approach is holistic, designed to address the complexities of poverty. We understand that no one thing causes poverty and no single solution will eradicate it. Therefore, our model addresses the five areas that we have learned can create sustainable change for those living in poverty:


Boy taking a break from the farm

Two girls playing in a doorway

Two young girls smiling