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Boris Corpeño

 economic development Coordinator

I graduated from Zamorano and now have more than 25 years of experience in rural agricultural development projects. I have worked with projects aimed at export and local markets in El Salvador and Honduras, as well as establishing irrigation projects for small and mid-sized producers. My strengths are managing crops such as coffee, cocoa, plantain, papaya, pineapple, passion fruit, as well as most warm and cool climate vegetables.

My role is to provide guidelines and technical support in Agros villages to standardize the implementation of our agricultural work. I do this primarily by providing technical support and training, both in groups and on-site, to our technical staff. I also help to provide support on the search for markets for the products grown by our beneficiaries.

I like Agros because I'm doing the work of Jesus, helping poor families in the world. I get excited when I see gradual changes happening within families when they begin to implement new systems. I feel especially happy when I see smiles on the faces of children that have enough to eat, who are going to school to learn and play, as well as the dignity it brings to the parents.

I spend my free time in El Salvador with my family.

Boris Corpeño