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Our Staff

Our main office is in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle, WA. We have a staff of 9 focused on finance, administration, information technology, program management, fundraising, and marketing and communications. We also have approximately 20 staff members in Central America made up of agronomists, psychologists, sociologists, finance, management, health, and other skilled fields. Together we are motivated by Jesus’ love for all people and particularly for people with few resources with which to feed, clothe, and educate their families.


  • Alberto Solano, President and Executive Director
  • Ken Kierstead, Executive Vice President
  • Chris Megargee, Vice President, Development & Communications


  • Seattle Office

  • Honduras Office

    • Fany Martinez, Finance Coordinator

  • Nicaragua Office

    • Gabriela Montoya, Finance Manager

    • Alba Azucena Moreno, Administrator

    • Mallerlin Flores, Janitorial Services


  • Honduras Regional Team
    • Joel Martinez, Director of Regional Programs
    • Cesar Velásquez, Financial Services Officer

    • Sara Cortes, Health and Wellbeing Technician

    • Wenceslao Pineda, Agriculture Technician

    • Norma Sofía Montenegro Pentzke, Regional Human Resources Coordinator

  • Nicaragua Regional Team

    • Boris Corpeño, Agri-Business Development Manager

    • Rodrigo Rizo, Financial Services Manager

    • Mario Solis, Monitering and Evaluation Coordinator

    • Alba Mara Carmona, Health and Wellbeing Technician

    • Johaneth Espinoza, Health and Wellbeing Technician

    • Arnoldo Herrera, Health and Wellbeing Specialist

    • Jose Enrique Herrera, Agriculture Supervisor

    • Carlos Cabrera, Agriculture Technician

    • Rigoberto Salinas, Agriculture Technician

    • Neybis Sobalvarro, Agriculture Specialist

    • Francisco Picado, Market Technician

    • Orlando Pérez, Collection Agent

    • Cintya Hernandez, Purchasing Officer

Development & COmmunications

  • Sierra Golden, Communications Officer

  • Laila Heid, Development Officer, Community Giving & Special Events

  • Guillermo Mario JiménezAdvancement Officer

  • Oksana Volchkova, Development Operations Officer


Guillermo Jiménez

Joel Martinez