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What does Prosperity look like?


A prosperous family is economically sustainable and independent. They're permanently out of poverty. At this point, a family is healthy, secure, and generates enough income to provide for their children, grow their businesses, and pay off their land loans with a surplus for emergencies. 

Prosperity is a leap further than the relative security of having a home and enough to eat - and that's why it's a long journey to get there. Prosperous families are truly resilient: they're no longer in danger of falling back into poverty if hardship strikes.

After surveying families early in 2016, we've determined that the majority of families in our active communities are between the Asset Building and Asset Growth stages on the "Path to Prosperity." This map or "theory of change" tracks families' socioeconomic progress over time toward a holistic set of outcomes in areas like food security, health, crop diversity, and gender equity.

We have designed personalized Village Plans to help move every family toward sustainable Prosperity within the next 2 years, but we need your support to help families achieve their goals.