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Agros gives Latin American families stuck in poverty the land, seeds, and other services they need to move toward resilient prosperity. What does that look like in real life? Wilbur and Marbeli’s family shows how just a little support can make all the difference.

Before Agros, Wilbur and Marbeli lived on the very same land that they now own. They were tenants and paid rent to farm the land. They earned just a few dollars a day, and there was never any way to get ahead. One day the owner told Wilbur that he was planning to auction off his properties. The family was scared and didn’t know what they would do. Wilbur said, “I was alone, so I didn’t have the courage to buy the land.”

Not long after that, Wilbur connected with Agros. With the support of Agros, Wilbur and Marbeli decided they should purchase the land—which would give their family a secure place to live, farm, and grow together. For years, Wilbur and Marbeli received agricultural training from Agros—as well as other support as they built a home, got their kids in school, and created a thriving community.

Today, Wilbur and Marbeli have reached a state of resilient prosperity—they have a dignified home and successful crops. If there’s a minor setback—like a family illness or a water shortage—they have the skills and resources needed to overcome it.

It’s amazing to see how far this family has come through their own hard work, the grace of God, and the help of Agros! Experience more stories like theirs in our newsletters and videos.