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What causes poverty? Can we change it? How are my life and my faith related to poverty in Central America?

Take a stand against injustice by forming an Engage Together group with your family, friends, or faith community. Your Engage Together group will connect your daily lives with the lives of real Central American families working in an Agros village. Learn about the root causes of poverty and how you can help through critical discussion, personal reflection, giving, and travel. 


How can I align my life with my values? What are the root causes of poverty? Is there a solution? How do I bring others into the conversations I'd like to have about poverty, privilege, and service?


Leading an Engage Learning Group is a rich way to learn and grow with your family, friends, book club, or Bible study through discussions about poverty, our lives, and sustainable solutions at home and abroad. 

Agros' Engage Together curriculum and training provide you with the tools to grapple with important questions, develop a shared understanding of poverty's root causes and make a collective commitment to giving and service to those with few opportunities.

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Are you ready to see what life is like firsthand in an Agros community? Are you committed to transformational, long-term change: both for an Agros community and in your own heart?


An Engage Community Partnership is a special type of Engage Together group that walks alongside a group of Agros families by providing significant collective support ($30,000 annually) for three or more years.

Engage Community Partnerships have the opportunity to travel to Central America for immersive, 3D learning experiences about smart, sustainable international development.



How can I bring my faith face to face with real families in poverty? What does smart, sustainable missions work look like?

Engage Together offers your congregation, Bible study, or youth group the chance to grow in discipleship through learning and reflection about poverty and faith.

We'll work with you to tailor an Engage partnership to fit your congregation's goals and values. This can include:

  • training and facilitation of our faith-centric curriculum on poverty
  • facilitation of retreats or lock-ins based on our curriculum
  • longterm partnership between your church and an Agros community. Partnerships include mission opportunities to send teams down for an immersive learning experience in Central America

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