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Want to change the world for a living?

Agros International’s headquarters are in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle, WA. Our staff focuses on finance, administration, fundraising, and marketing. Together we are motivated by God's love for all people, and especially those with few resources with which to feed, clothe, and educate their families. 

seattle staff:

There are currently no open Seattle staff positions.

There are currently no open intern positions.

Work Study students:

We work closely with local colleges and universities to employ state-funded work study students. Interested students should check with the work study offices at their college or university for more information. Eligible students at Seattle Pacific University should contact the Student Employment Coordinator at

International Staff:

At times there are no positions open in the Central American communities where Agros works. These staff positions are typically filled by nationals of the country in which we are working. International positions are often posted in Agros’ LinkedIn updates and on Agros' Facebook feed.