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Our Staff

Agros' administrative, development, communications, and finance work is headquartered in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle, WA, where we have a staff of eight. Between Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, over 30 staff members work in our core opportunity areas of land ownership, market-led agriculture, financial empowerment, and health & well being, as well as finance and administration. Together we are motivated by the teachings of Jesus to serve others—especially those having few resources—with love, integrity, and humility. 


  • Alberto Solano, President and Executive Director
  • Ken Kierstead, Executive Vice President
  • Joel Martinez Duron, Vice President of Programs


  • LizBeth Aguero, Director of Finance

  • Claudia Alvarenga Beech, Accountant/Administrative Manager

  • Guillermo Mario Jiménez, Programs & Strategic Relationships Manager

  • Heather Ringoen, Development Officer, Relationship Manager

  • Erin Cox, Development Operations Officer

  • Mackenzie Cruz, Digital Communications 


  • Mario Arturo Morales Amézquita, Animal Technician

  • Magdalena Bernal Chavez, CEPROCAL Technician 

  • Gaspar Bernardino Rivera Mateo, Agriculture Technician

  • Mateo Francisco Matías Jorge, Credit Officer

  • Wilson Geovany Socop Gutierrez, Agriculture Specialist

  • Teresa Jemima Rodriguez Toma, General Accountant

  • Gerson Joel Hernández Hernández, Financial Services Officer

  • Silvia de León, Finance Assistant 

  • Cecilia Marisol Villatoro Molina, Administrative Assistant

  • Ana Pacheco Toma, Administrative Assistant

  • Ana Patricia Cruz de la Cruz, Health & Well-being Technician

  • Elbin Ramirez Recinos, Financial Services Barillas Regional Coordinator

  • Jose Rigoberto Rapalo Perez, Deputy Country Director

  • Antonio Toma, Security Guard

  • Diego Onésimo Rodríguez Torrez, Financial Services Officer


  • Fany Martinez Munguia, Administrative Finance Coordinator

  • Cesar Velazquez Rodrigues, Communications & Projects Officer


  • Pedro Alfonso Pérez, General Accountant

  • Alcadio Aráuz Cantarero, Agriculture Technician

  • David Blandón Torrés, Financial Services 

  • Nilo Cajina Gonzalez, Agriculture Manager

  • Johaneth Espinoza Fortin, Health & Well-being Technician

  • Manyel Francisco Gadea García, Agriculture Officer

  • Jorge Guillet Jiron, Finance Manager

  • Cintya Hernandez Vega, Purchasing Officer

  • Denis Jarquín Eugarios, Logistics 

  • Melissa Lopez Caldera, Financial Services Assistant

  • Arnoldo Martinez Herrera, Health & Well-being Technician

  • Gabriela Montoya Aburto, Investment & Country Manager, Nicaragua

  • Alba Moreno Zelaya, Finance Administrator

  • Víktor Pacheco Morales, Financial Services Officer

  • Francisco Picado Picado, Health & Well-being Coordinator

  • Rigoberto Salinas Rocha, Agriculture Technician

  • Mario Solis Solis, Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Knowledge Management

  • Neybis Sovalbarro Barrera, Marketing Officer

  • Mallerlin Valle Flores, General Services 

Joel Martinez


Guillermo Jiménez