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Faith Statement

Motivated by God's love for all people, and specifically by his special concern for the poor and vulnerable, Agros International empowers families and communities to build a life and a future established in opportunity and hope.

Agros' mission is inspired and animated by the life of Jesus Christ. Agros' work is an expression of Jesus' Kingdom mission in the world: a mission of healing and reconciliation of persons, peoples, and systems (Is. 65:17 - 25). Jesus spent his time with the brokenhearted, the disenfranchised, and the marginalized. He elevated the status of women and modeled an alternative worldview that challenges injustice. We are inspired by the conviction that we too are invited into his Way of living and that we have opportunity to participate with him in his healing work in the world.

Core to Agros' mission is to invite others to join with us. We are fully invested in authentic, life-giving relationships. At the heart of Agros' work is the formation of a broad community of engaged and compassionate people dedicated to partnership in this healing mission.

The Agros board and staff are committed to follow Jesus and to live in response to his most important command: to love God and love our neighbor. Our faith is rooted in the belief that this love transforms everything. In light of these convictions, we commit as a team to the following values:

  • We strive to reflect God's grace to one another and those whom we serve. Our primary motivation is to answer Jesus' call to serve the poor.
  • We carry out our work in humility, partnership, and participation with those whom we serve. We recognize that love is the supreme value, that relationship is an open invitation, and that our actions speak eloquently of our faith. In the course of our work, and in respect to persons and context, we speak honestly and openly of our faith without being prescriptive or coercive.
  • We serve the poor without requiring or prohibiting religious participation or denominational affiliation.
  • We strive to be intentional in personal and corporate spiritual practices—prayer, engaging Scripture, and becoming a community of support and accountability as means of growing in our personal faith.

We are committed to follow in the Way of Jesus in our development model: love of God and neighbor lived out in faith and authentic relationships, expressing generosity in the service of justice and dignity.

Family of five posing for the camera

Four farmers working on the farm

Four children smiling and looking up