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Opportunity Areas

Agros breaks the cycle of poverty and creates paths to prosperity for farming families in rural Central America by implementing programs in four key opportunity areas:

Land Ownership: From the beginning, land has been at the heart of Agros’ mission and impact. For a rural family living in poverty, the opportunity to own a plot of land is a game changer. Over the years, Agros has raised philanthropic support from individuals, churches, foundations, and businesses to purchase tracts of farmland in Central America. We then welcome onto that land families who are living in poverty so that they can begin farming it. Families use profits from their farming to pay back the value of the land and receive full title to it. Families who were once day laborers, squatters, or renters become owners—and with that transformation, a world of opportunity is opened to them.

Market-led Agriculture: Agros recognizes that having land is not enough to escape poverty if a family doesn’t also know how to farm that land profitably. Market-led agriculture is not about trying to sell what you plant; rather it’s about planting what will sell. We help farmers learn about and invest in modern, climate-smart farming technologies that yield better quality crops, in greater volumes, with more frequent harvests per year, on less overall land. These technologies include protected growing spaces like mesh houses and macrotunnels, along with simple machinery like rototillers. The goal is to increase farmers’ income, helping families move toward resilient prosperity.

Financial Empowerment: In keeping with our vision that rural farming families become economically self-sufficient, Agros helps families learn how to manage money and build skills around budgeting, savings, and investing. Communal savings groups—typically women-led—are formed in Agros villages and provide a context for families to support one another in planning for financial growth. Agros additionally provides credit for agricultural supplies and equipment, and we organize farming associations so that farming families can grow their businesses.

Health & Well-being: If a family is to move from poverty to prosperity, the opportunity to own land and farm it profitably must take place in a context where basic human needs are being met. Agros works with families to improve health and nutrition throughout the village. We provide support in maternal and child health and promote good sanitation and hygiene. We ensure access to clean water for all our communities. We work with partner organizations to facilitate the creation of schools and clinics. And in every case, we are working to strengthen leadership and self-governance among the members of the community itself. This social infrastructure is critical to ensure families reach lasting prosperity and sustainable self-reliance.