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2016-2017 village plans

We believe that it’s possible to build thriving communities with the poorest families in Central America.

As our long-term supporters, you know this is not an easy process: it takes time, tremendous effort from our families, close involvement from the staff, and an enormous dose of faith. The path our families take from extreme poverty to prosperity is thorny, full of setbacks and challenges, but also full of hope and love which makes the journey rewarding and transformational.

Success is more than seeing these families own their land—success is seeing families secure their futures and become fully independent. Our village development model has always been based on the premise of achieving long-term village sustainability.

We want to put ourselves out of job in each village, so we can pass the baton of self-governance and economic prosperity to the community.

Below are our two-year Village Plans to prepare five communities in Nicaragua and Honduras for sustainable, independent futures.