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Guatemala is the northernmost country in Central America. The country shares borders with Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador, and Map highlighting Guatemala, also showing the surrounding countrieshas coastlines on the Pacific and Caribbean.  Once a Spanish colony, Guatemala won its independence in 1821. Guatemala’s diverse geography includes two mountain chains, four active volcanoes, and several climate zones that range from hot and humid to cold and dry.

  • Total Population: 14,373,472
  • Size: 108,889 sq. km
  • Average Annual Income: $3,120
  • Child mortalities per 1,000 live births: 24.32 
  • Maternal mortalities per 100,000 live births: 120 
  • Main exports: Coffee, sugar, petroleum, apparel, bananas, fruits and vegetables, cardamom

Agros in Guatemala:

We established our first village in Guatemala in 1986 with Buen Samaritano in the Barillas region. Since then, we have established a total of 19 villages, all of which have graduated from direct support. We maintain strong ties to Guatemala, where thousands of families today work their own land and live healthy, productive lives, thanks to Agros and our generous donor partners. While we are not currently actively working with any Guatemalan communities, we remain open to and enthuastic about the possibility of future village partnerships there.


Three people harvesting honey

Woman and a man working in the market

A girl smiling

Father and son walking threw crops

Woman standing with her farm