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Our Communities

We have established 42 communities in Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico. Land is a precious commodity throughoutMap showing where Agros' communities arethe world. Rural poor families do not have access to credit to purchase their own land. Some rural poor families may own their own land but the land is not productive or they don’t have title to the property.

In rural developing world communities, poor families can become trapped in a cycle of poverty: unable to afford their own land, paying high rent for poor quality land, and working for desperately low wages as farmhands and migrant laborers. In each place that we work, we are able to facilitate positive change for the community members and their neighbors.

Although rural communities share common problems in many developing countries, we started our work in Central America because of its unique recent history of civil war and violence. Central America in the late 20th century suffered upheaval, loss of land, and civil war. Ways of life that had sustained people for generations were disrupted traumatically. Many who owned their land fled to the mountains, and those who remained were often brutally murdered or evicted. Families were separated and education disrupted.

Although painful pasts remain, our work helps to heal them by giving people the opportunity for land ownership and the tools and education to achieve their dreams.

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