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Meet the Raimundo and the Córdova Sánchez families. After the Guatemalan Civil War both of these families had nothing—no money, no work, nowhere to live—and they were spiritually and emotionally haunted by decades of atrocity. Both families found their way to Agros, and they were granted plots of land to live on and to work. Today, the Raimundos and the Córdova Sánchezes have bought their land outright. They have used their farming proceeds to build dignified homes and send their children to school. Where a generation ago there was nothing, now there is prosperity. 


Meet Petronilo and see how his life has changed in the ten years since he became an Agros partner. Before he had nearly lost hope. Now he has land, a way to support his family, and a home. You'll also see how he's inspired other Agros partners to follow in his footsteps.


Meet Ester and German who have transformed their lives on a tilapia farm in Piedra de Horeb, Honduras, with the support of donors like you.