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Viewing Parties for Rick Steves' Documentary

A free Screening of Steves' Hunger and Hope plus a Q&A with Alberto Solano

On Thursday, Feburary 6th, WNED Studios will be screening this documentary, where you will be able to see snippets of our smart development programs in rural Guatemala. Come and join your friends and neighbors as the Agros community gathers to watch Rick Steves' new documentary Hunger and Hope. 

Finding a viewing party

We have a number of viewing locations that you can choose from. Contact our donor services if you are interested in attending, and they will refer you to a host. Once you find a party, feel free to invite friends and family to join you! If you are interested in hosting a viewing party,  contact donor services for more information about this.

What to bring

Nothing! This event is a time to enjoy the Agros community, free of charge. We will have everything ready for you. Come prepared to enjoy an evening of socializing and documentary viewing.  Appetizers and beverages will be provided and parking will be paid for.

About Agros and Rick Steves

Rick Steves has been impressed wth Agros' model and considers our approach to be an example of "smart development." We are so grateful to partner with Rick on this film and other projects. He is an incredible philanthropist and brings a unque presepctive to this work.

Our team first met Rick when he spoke at our annual Tierras de Vida gala in 2018. He was drawn to our mission and asked to visit Agros comunities as part of a scouting trip for an upcoming documentary.

As part of a 16-day scouting trip, Rick visited Agros communities in the rura, mountainous Ixil region of Guatemala. Because his trip was so short, Rick flew into the Ixil by helicopter (which was his first helicopter ride!).

Rick met Agros partners and was inspired by our approach to smart development. Last year, Rick gave us a $150,000 grant as part of Rick Steves Europe's Climate Smart Commitment. Together with Rick, we are helping farmers in rural communities adapt to the realities of climate change and mitigate their impact. If your interested in learning more about that work, you can click here.


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