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On the Radio with Rick Steves

Last week, travel guru Rick Steves aired a conversation with Agros’ president Alberto Solano and Agros’ director of development and communications Chris Megargee on his national radio show Travel with Rick Steves. Together they discussed barriers to prosperity in Guatemala and innovative solutions. You can listen to the whole story here.

One of Agros' innovative solutions? Goats.

On the show, Chris shared that Agros supports a goat production center in Guatemala which provides families in the region with female goats and offers a breeding program to help grow the size of their herds. Before having goats, the local children often suffered from malnutrition. Rick said, “Something I saw in the bright faces of those children is that now they have protein from goat milk... and they get the benefit of that."

Beyond subsistence

Families with goats end up with surplus milk that can be sold or turned into valueadded products like cheese and then sold. Alberto explained, “From a food security intervention now these families are creating a business that can sustain their living and create opportunities for their kids.” 

We know lots of people are fond of cute ​baby goats, but here at Agros we love these critters for another reason:

Baby Goats Grow Into Opportunities for prosperity!

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