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GiveBIG WA 2021


"During the GiveBIG statewide fundraising campaign, individuals and organizations come together across Washington to invest in our community. When we give, we take a proactive step towards creating the society we want to live in."


GiveBIG WA is a statewide fundraising campaign that takes place May 4 + 5 2021. Agros is excited to participate every year and connect with donors new and familiar.

Agros follows a holistic model of ending poverty but this year, we saw many families face extreme hardship. After more than a year now in a global pandemic, after facing two of the most devastating hurricanes ever experience in Central America, and facing crop shortages and rotting, basic needs are not being met. There are families in Central America – mothers, fathers, and children – who are struggling to keep food on the table as the coronavirus pandemic drags on? But you can do something about this urgent situation.

You can help families by making an early GiveBIG gift today – and thanks to a new matching gift donor, every dollar you give today will DOUBLE up to $5,000.

Your gift will do so much to relieve the fear, stress, and worry that small farming families are experiencing right now.

Ongoing local and global food supply chain disruptions due to COVID-19 are causing rural communities to be more isolated than ever.





Go to or visit our GiveBIG donation page to contribute to this year's #giveBIG campaign!

If you've already donated to the GiveBIG campaign, we appreciate your generosity!

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Please visit to learn more information about the GiveBIG WA fundraiser on May 4 + 5, 2021.



If you'd like to support projects like the Tierra Nueva Health Center, please donate if you can.

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Author: Mackenzie Cruz
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