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Tremendous Tierras de Vida

You did it: $560,410!

What a tremendous Tierras de Vida celebration for Agros' 35th anniversary! We blew past our total goal of $475,000. You--our friends, family, and supporters--rallied together an estimated $560,410 and counting for farming families in rural Latin America.

And, there were over 350 people in attendance--the second year in a row of record-breaking attendance. 

Last night, we heard from keynote speaker Paul Moulton. Paul told us about his journey with Agros, explaining that meeting Agros partner Elena and watching her grow into a land-owning college graduate inspires his continued support of our work.

He reminded us that "One person can do so much."

We also saw a special video presentation from Guatemala. In the video, Ana and Pedro told us how they recieved a plot of land in the Agros village of Esperanza after the Guatemalan Civil War.

Pedro said, "Agros bought land and parceled it out for us... thanks to Agros, we live here now. We are people of this place."

Their daughter Maria is a beautiful example of the hope and confidence Agros inspires. As kids, Maria's parents had nothing, not even the chance to go to school, yet at the end of the video, so much change is evident in Maria's story.

She said, "I am 8 years old and in first grade. I love my village, La Esperanza. I love my land, my family... One day, this land will belong to me."

This sort of enduring, generational change is only possible because of donations from people like you. Thank you for contributing.

In case you missed it

We missed having you at Tierras de Vida! And we feel blessed to have you supporting our work, so we want to make sure you see the video--which premiered at Tierras de Vida--highlighting the impact you have on families Agros serves.

If you missed the chance to give at Tierras de Vida, you can still make a gift to help lift farming families out of poverty.


Thank you for being a part of our Tierras de Vida celebration and giving families the opportunity to transcende poverty!


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