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The Power of Prenatal Care

Your gift aided kids and mothers 

A Story from our Spring 2021 Newsletter

Zeneyda Diaz has a simple dream for her children: "a safe place to live, so they are not bouncing from one location to another."

This simple dream, however, is not easy to achieve in rural Nicaragua, where Zeneyda and her husband José Luis Ramos reside.

Living in poverty, it is hard for this couple to access resources that many people here in the US might take for granted. A stable home, basic healthcare, education for the kids, and secure sources of nutritious food are just a few examples.

And yet, your support has helped Zeneyda face these challenges head-on and begin making her dream a reality.

You've given her kids a healthy start in life!

Because of your generosity, when pregnant with both Ashley (6 years) and Joharvin (5 months), Zeneyda received prenatal care at the Agros health clinic in San José, Nicaragua. The clinic is close to her home, giving her easy access to doctors and nurses.

Zeneyda shared, "It was important to have the monthly check-ups. They assured me the baby was in good health, and they also prevented complications that could occur during the birth."

And, this is just one aspect of Agros' work.

Zeneyda and José Luis are receiving other holistic services--like access to land and training in climate smart agriculture--that will help them continue their journey out of poverty into prosperity.

Thank you for making prenatal care and so many other services available to Zeneyda and her family!


If you'd like to support families like Zeneyda and José Luis', please donate if you can.

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Author: Emma Najarian
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