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Tilapia After Hurricanes


A Story from our Spring 2021 Newsletter

Juventino Carranza of Piedra de Horeb, Honduras, worked hard to earn full title to his land and establish a tilapia farm. 

Without a doubt, his passion is for producing tilapia. The entirety of his property is dedicated to two large tilapia ponds. Juventino explains, "There have been years of hard work, sacrifies, and effort put into my ponds."

Over the years, Juventino has carried out several harvests of the fish. He sold his goods around the community and is known to be a good vendor. With his bicycle or motorcycle, he would make home deliveries to his customers.

Things seemed to be going well. Until one night when his livelihood was wiped out in the blink of an eye.


On November 4th of 2020, Hurricane Eta ripped through his community and left catastrophic damage in its wake. Juventino's tilapia ponds were destroyed.

"It was 3 in the morning, after raining for three days without stop," he recalled, "A great rush of water came down on the ponds. I saw how little by little the fish were taken out and brought into the road. There were 5,000 fish. I wanted to grab them in my hands to avoid this, but it was impossible. At that moment, I felt like I died."

Thanks to God, Juventino's story does not end there.


The overwhelming generosity from Agros supporters that immediately followed Hurricane Eta had a life-changing impact. Juventino and other affected families received emergency aid like clean drinking water, food, and supplies.

And now the hurricane response has expanded to include recontruction and recovery.

Juventino described the recovery project: "Because we lost everything, Agros has already been working with us to rebuild the water system... I'm also in the process of cleaning the ponds, getting rid of the sand and dirt that filled them."

Your generosity has made Juventino's recovery possible! Thank you for getting Juventino and so many others back on track after Hurricanes Eta and Iota.


If you'd like to support tilapia farmers like Juventino, please donate if you can.

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Author: Emma Najarian
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