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Live on a budget, Give on a budget

why monthly giving matters to me


One of the communities that Kelly's monthly donations support, Tierra Nueva, a village of 150 families climbing determinedly out of poverty in Nicaragua.

Giving back to my community has always been something I care about. Tithing has been a way I have traditionally given back along with volunteering. Supporting the organizations I carefully select feels like both an honor and a duty.

I’ve been giving monthly to my favorite organizations for over ten years now. Like many, I am invited to lots of fundraising events. While I live comfortably, I don’t make a salary that allows me to drop a big check to a deserving nonprofit.

But when I think about what I spend monthly on extras: coffee, eating out, haircuts, etc., a monthly gift is certainly something I can handle. It’s not just something I CAN do. It’s something I feel obligated to do. If I stretch my gift over 12 months, I can give more than I could in one check.

I have worked in development at a nonprofit for nearly ten years now, so I know how much monthly givers mean to an organization. But giving monthly has always just made sense for me at my income level. I budget out my living expenses already. Since I live on a budget, I give on a budget.

Francisco proudly shows off a coffee berry from his crops in Tierra Nueva, Nicaragua. Committed monthly donors like Kelly provide dependable support that allows our staff to work closely with farmers like Francisco on every determinant of a poverty-free life from profitable agricultural techniques to community leadership development to preventative health measures.

It’s also convenient. Most of my banking is automated or done online, and it’s nice to have the nonprofits of my choosing take care of it for me. I don’t need to sit down and write a check. Moreover, it’s satisfying to know that I contribute to an important base for the organizations I give to. They count on my gift (along with other monthly gifts) for dependable, steady income.

My monthly gifts are taken directly out of my checking account via ACH. Working for a nonprofit, I know credit card fees take a hefty chunk out of gifts via credit card, and I want every penny to count. The added bonus of an ACH withdrawal is if my debit card gets compromised (again), my monthly donation keeps taking place with no changes.


More gifts over time from Kelly means she's investing more in healthy, dignified futures for girls like these in La Bendicion, our newest community in Nicaragua.

The best part is that I give more annually to the nonprofits I love because I plan my gifts. If I only wrote a check at the fundraising events I’m invited to, I’d undoubtedly give less. Monthly giving allows me to give with generosity and convenience while keeping my budget in line.

They may not be huge amounts, but slow and steady wins the race!


   Kelly McDonald

      Donor Engagment Manager
P.S. We've created a new club called Harvest Partners to honor the rockstar (and rocksteady) support monthly donors like Kelly provide for our families. Harvest Partners commit to partnering with families for the long haul - just like we do. Because that's what it takes. You can join Kelly and become a Harvest Partner by pledging your monthly gift here.



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