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5 Reasons Not to Miss our Open House on May 12th


The temperature is getting warmer ... The sun is shining brighter ... And (for now) it’s not raining!

These are all great reasons to attend Agros International’s Open House on May 12th – but that's not all.


Here are 5 more reasons you'll want to make your way to our Seattle office at 6:00 PM on Thursday, May 12th and invite your friends:


1.       We’ve got news for you!

The year is taking off, and we want to share all of our plans with you! Come get updates on what this year looks like for us and how you can be a part of it. You have questions? Come get those answered too. Our Executive Director, Alberto Solano has been waiting for a chance to talk with you and share our progress on new partnerships and evolving plans for our villages.

Coffee seedlings in Bella Vista. Photo by Anna Lehn.



2.       Learn what’s happening in the field!

Johnny Valencia, a longtime friend of Agros and photographer of famed artist Macklemore, went to our villages this spring and brought back breathtaking photographs and awe-inspiring stories.

And who better to relay these stories and photos than Johnny himself!? Come share a drink with the man behind the camera and learn about the families he met and the impact he saw in action.

Two boys enjoying ripe Luz del Mañana watermelons raised by farmer Tony. Photo by Johnny Valencia, MAZAGRAN.



3.       Food and Drinks!

I know. I should have listed this first. Either way, it’s not often that we get to share a drink and a meal with some of our awesome donors. And don’t worry, this tab's on us.

We won't have fresh tortillas, but there will be good food and even better company to share it with.


4.       Meet and Greet: Staff and Board

We have a pretty dynamic staff and board and we like to show them off every chance we get. Come and meet the people behind the scenes working diligently to ensure that our families have everything they need to be successful. We’re partners with a common goal. We should know each other. 

Board and past board celebrating 30 years of Agros.

5.       Community!

Meet and chat with other Agros supporters like you who know how vital our work is to elevate families out of poverty.

Children whose families planned to join La Bendicion, our newest village in Nicaragua. Photo taken in March 2015, Anna Lehn.


    Nekita Jones

      Annual Fund Manager

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