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Tierra Nueva - San josÉ partnership leverages your investment


We tell you stories about Agros families working together in their villages all the time; it’s a part of our model. But did you know that different Agros communities work together, too?

A great example of village collaboration that leverages infrastructure investments is taking place right now between Tierra Nueva and San José, two communities in the northern Matagalpa region of Nicaragua.


Tierra Nueva has a greenhouse that the community shares.  Farmers there had a lightbulb moment when they realized they could optimize the greenhouse—not just to grow their own high quality seedlings to plant, but to earn surplus income by growing seedlings for other nearby communities.

Their side gig fulfills the region’s need for a high quality nursery, in essence, and is an example of the way we leverage your investments to support farmers in two communities instead of one.


Farmers from nearby San José want superior seedlings to plant, but don’t have a nursery.

Enter Tierra Nueva’s ingenuity! Farmers like Electario, proudly showcasing his healthy pepper seedlings here, provide a service to their region and earn extra income. Electario has his own farm where he grows coffee and cacao, and earns extra cash to invest in his crops by selling seedlings he grows.


These seedlings, planted in January, were ready to travel down the road to San José in February. There, Agros farmers like Petronilo bought affordable, healthy plants and tucked them into ready beds.


That’s the kind of business development and entrepreneurial drive made possible by your investment in Agros families. We make smart agricultural business investments in tools like greenhouses to make our farmers' harvests more valuable, and in partnership with entrepreneurial farmers, leverage them to help as many families as possible.

Thank you for “planting seeds” that allow Agros farmers to optimize their agribusinesses! 


Written by Kelly McDonald, Donor Engagement Manager. Photography by MAZAGRAN.

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