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Through the Photographer's Lens

Direct from the Field webinar Wrap-up


Pop Quiz: which Nicaraguan Agros village is ingeniusly using their greenhouse to grow and sell pepper sprouts to the families of San José between harvests, thanks to an entrepreneurial young man named Jonathan?

A. Tierra Nueva

B. La Bendición

C. Luz del Mañana

Not sure? Then you might want to go back and watch our latest Direct from the Field webinar, "Through the Photographer's Lens," recorded on April 1st, to find out!



In this webinar we held a conversation with professional photographer and Agros lifer Johnny Valencia. Jump to any point in the webinar, and you'll discover gorgeous images of our communities, poignant stories of families he met, and thoughtful reflections on the relationships he created with men and women who stepped in front of his camera to share glimpses of their journeys of empowerment.

Need more convincing? Below are three of Johnny's favorite photos from the webinar. Not only are they arresting & inspiring, but each comes with a fantastic story. You'll have to watch the webinar to hear them.


Onis and Onis - La bendiciÓn, Nicaragua


Electario and his seedlings - Tierra Nueva, Nicaragua


Sandra and her daughter - Tierra Nueva, Nicaragua

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