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Cooking Up Hope & Opportunity

Why We’re Thankful for 6,905 Tiny Treats



Mmmm … that’s the sweet-burnt smell of fresh macarons, tiny French meringues flavored with caramel, pistachio, or chocolate, then piped into perfect miniature cookies.

They’re macaron pros at Le Panier Very French Bakery in the Pike Place Market.

But they’re not just baking sweets. This month, Le Panier has been cooking up hope & opportunity for families in Central America.

Le Panier raised $7,000 for our families this month by selling 6,905 macarons during their annual Macaron Day Seattle celebration.

Stacked one on top of the other, 6,905 macarons would reach more than halfway up the Eiffel Tower!

Le Panier - Macaron day

Led by co-owner Kristi Drake, a longtime Agros supporter, Le Panier also spread the word about the rural poverty crisis in Central America. They featured photography of our families, and their staff trained to become Agros ambassadors, ready at the drop of a baguette to talk about what it takes to empower a family to escape poverty forever.

We love macarons, Le Panier, and partnerships like this that take our movement for hope & opportunity out into our community.

Thank you to the entire staff of Le Panier for lifting your voices this month and to everyone who visited the bakery during Macaron Days. 



Your business, church or book club can be a loudspeaker for hope & opportunity!

We need partners to spread the word about the rural poverty crisis and raise awareness for families. You could feature Agros in a display, support families through your annual fundraiser, or talk about Agros at a group gathering. We can send speakers, create materials, and train staff -- whatever you need to support your creative fundraising efforts! 

Send me a note or call to start a conversation: | 206.528.1066 x108.



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