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Thank You Ira and Ana Lucia

We are back from Central America and as much as I want to complete the recent series of travel logs with a final report on our time in Guatemala, I am (alas) waiting for the hard-drive that stored all of the photos from the trip to be repaired. The drive unfortunately crashed on the last day.

In the meantime, however, I want to say thank you to both Ira Lippke (our photographer) and Ana Lucia (our translator). Like so many people involved in Agros, they are extraordinary people – gifted, generous, committed to making a difference in the world, and good friends. I cannot thank them enough for their work on this trip. Together – we walked, drove, rode, and flew across three countries and thousands of miles; met hundreds of miraculous, beautiful people in Agros communities; and shot over 12 hours of video and over 3,000 photos. You’ll be seeing the fruit of this work over the next year(s) to come. Ira and Ana Lucica – thank you.

Here are a few ‘behind the scenes’ photos from the trip:

Ana with RabbitIra in Futuro

Sean Shooting Goats

Ana and Gaspar

Sean and Ira

Ira and Papaya

And and Helen

Sean thinking

Ira w Kids


Ira Lippke Responds:

Thank YOU, Sean! You were our fearless driver/DJ/counselor and inspiration! We were a great team though – it’s undeniable.

I join in the thanks to Ana Lucia, though. Ana, you are such a radient human being – Thank you for sharing your self and your talents so generously!

There are so many compelling images here that I can’t wait to show!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Ana Luz Responds:

If there is a person to thank, it is YOU! Sean your kindness, compassion and love to people, devotion to your work, your strong faith in Christ, your patience, your incredible gift of wisdom and counseling and of course your great leadership, showed me that there’s still hope in the world, and changes are possible. Tu tocaste mi corazon! I’m not part of the circus flea anymore!!

Another thing I want to thank you is the possibility you gave me to meet this incredible and talented person. Ira, you are and extraordinary man, wherever your enter you bring joy and energy to the place. Thanks for your words, for your friendship…for just being you, ah! and of course for the dance,

Love and miss you guys!!

ana lucia Responds:

[...] is reporting that Ana Lucia will be returning for one episode in Lost Season 5. He doesn't give …Agros International Blog Archive Thank You Ira and Ana LuciaIn the meantime, however, I want to say thank you to both Ira Lippke (our photographer) and Ana [...]

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