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San José

San José
“Saint Joseph”
El Tuma, Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Size: 259 acres
Population: 26 families
Founded: 2007

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The families of San José (who came from a community called La Ceiba) had been working on plots of land rented from landowners, obligated to hand over a large percentage of their corn and bean harvest for payment. Already left with very little for themselves, the families were in constant threat of a poor-yielding season and not enough to feed their children. To find a better way to provide for themselves and their children, they began searching for assistance in locating land, and after a series of contacts with the local government of Matagalpa, the mayor directed the families of San José to Agros, who was partnering with another village, El Edén, just a few miles away.

The members of San José are forming a new community on high-quality land in a region with a climate appropriate for crop production and are thankful for the forestry and pasture areas, river, coffee and cocoa fields, community center with electricity, potable water and good road access that their land provides. In addition to assistance with land selection, Agros is also working with the families in community organization, leadership and participation. A committee is in place and the entire community is active in the informative meetings educating the families on the strategy and implementation of the Agros Development Model.

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