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Cotzal, Quiché, Guatemala

Size: 80 acres
Population: 25 families
Founded: 1998

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Fiscal Year 2011 Expenditure Summary

Support from the Zeilstra Development Fund helped Agros purchase two farms located two miles outside the town of Cotzal in January 1998. The selected families built a bridge and helped clear a rough road that leads to the property. Belén sits on a beautiful piece of land surrounded by forested hills.

Agros obtained access rights to a spring from the neighboring terrain. Potable water and an irrigation system for the fields are now available. Houses have been constructed with their own latrines and efficient cookstoves and a school with a functioning kitchen have also been built. Villagers are currently in the loan repayment process and are focusing on diversifying their crops.

In June 2011, direct support from Agros ended in Belén. Direct support includes the weekly visits Agros staff makes to the community for trainings, technical assistance and other community activities. After long-term partnership with Agros, the community has reached sustainability milestones, preparing them for self-sufficiency and continued growth. Agros staff will continue to be in touch as the families finish making land loan repayments. Please read our Graduating Communities document to learn more about how a village graduates from the Agros development process.

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