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Agros International’s headquarters are in Seattle, WA where we have a staff of 15 focused on finance, administration, information technology, program management, fundraising and marketing. Together we are motivated by Jesus’ love for all people, and particularly for people with few resources with which to feed, clothe, and educate their families. Open positions in the Seattle office are posted here.

Additionally, at times there are positions open in the Central American communities where Agros works.  These staff members are native to their respective countries so that they understand the cultural nuances of the communities with which they work. International positions are posted on Agros’ LinkedIn page.

Current Open Position in Seattle:

Work Study: We work closely with local colleges and universities to employ state-funded work study students in accounting, marketing, resource development, and programs. Interested students should check with the work study offices at their college or university for more information.

Internships: Agros does not currently offer internship opportunities.

Current Open International Positions:

Regional Director of Financial Services: View Position Profile.

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist: View Position Profile.

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