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We help families launch their agro-enterprises while improving their health and well-being so that they can sustainably generate income above the poverty line. Agros targets regions of significant poverty, and then purchases land sufficient to support between 100 and 200 families. Each family is provided with enough land on which to build a home, establish a garden and cultivate cash groups, Together, we establish a community with basic housing, sanitary latrines, clean water and a democratically elected governing structure. These infrastructure improvements elevate the overall health of each family. Credit is introduced gradually through a variety of tailor-made products, including short-term microloans to start small businesses, and long-term land loans. At the same time, families learn about and apply sound practices related to good nutrition, proper hygiene, and basic health care—including maternal and child health. Women are empowered to take on positions of leadership, which promotes stronger family dynamics. In time, each family’s income grows so that they can purchase the land from Agros. Families thrive as they become land owners equipped with technical knowledge, good health, and access to the credit necessary to sustain their businesses.

How can all this good news be possible?

Agros’ unique approach has helped thousands of Central American and Mexican families learn to dream again. For these families and villages, life will never be the same. Through Agros’ time-tested, practical assistance, they have gained the land and skills to build a better future.

Agros changes lives.

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"Since 1982, Agros International has helped families in Central America & Mexico build self-sustaining and thriving communities."

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