How We Work

Organizational Foundations

Agros has an open-door policy: all who desire to be a part of our work are welcome, regardless of religious preference or background. Agros has always had a policy of working and serving people in need regardless of race or religion, and we welcome volunteers and supporters from all backgrounds.  Our mission and methods are predominantly derived from the following core principles:

1. Participation
We intentionally strive for our activities and strategies to be shaped by the people and cultures we serve.  Groups and organizations in Agros projects work to involve all members in planning, decision-making and monitoring of their own projects. Participants in projects work together to achieve their self-defined vision and objectives. An effective project encourages women and men to share in leadership, decision-making, ownership, and benefits.

2. Justice and Service to the Poor
Agros projects serve people who are poor in material terms – those who have been socially disadvantaged and traumatized by social and political circumstances. We recognize that poverty is a complex reality and strive to recognize and restore the inherent dignity of the people we serve.

3. Sustainability
Sustainable development involves strategies that ensure long-term ecological, economic and social stability. Agros material and financial support is for a limited time. Therefore, villages and families must eventually support themselves through productive enterprises, viable social structures, and sustainable management of natural resources.

4. Training and Human Development
Agros projects respect the knowledge, spirituality, and experience of the people while providing opportunities for learning new skills. Agros supports training that brings about change in the whole person and the whole community to carry out its mission.

5. Spirituality
To move to a new vision of a transformed life requires putting our faith to work and practicing spiritual values and principles.  Agros supports projects that contribute to healing of relationships, and to the emergence of both physical and spiritual well being, as well as justice and peace. Agros respects the spirituality of others and serves people irrespective of creed, race, or ethnic origin.

6. Dignity and Livelihood Through Land Ownership
Agros projects give people hope, dignity and opportunities to overcome past trauma. An adequate amount of fertile land, with water, plant and tree cover, provides for diversified agricultural production. People work together for a better economic, social and communal future. Agros projects give people of limited resources the opportunity to own land, build communities, and enjoy legal rights and democratic representation.

7. Accountability and Responsibility
Those who pay for goods and services retain a certain dignity and develop a stronger sense of ownership. Careful monitoring of costs and plans for repaying credit is important in Agros projects. Project groups and partner organizations are expected to keep good records, report on a timely basis, and take responsibility to work toward the goals and objectives of the project agreement. Agros understands accountability to be two-way – that is, in any agreement each party is responsible to the other to fulfill commitments and promises.

8. Relationships and Solidarity
Agros works in collaboration with others to accomplish its mission. Agros projects provide a bridge between people of means and those of scarce resources. Agros desires partnerships with national and international non-governmental organizations, local and national governmental entities, churches and community-based organizations to carry out its mission.

9. A Caring and Sharing Community
Agros believes that poverty can be solved if people are committed to sharing what they have and caring for others. In community-based projects, the people, with Agros support, plan and work together for mutual help in obtaining multiple basic needs and opportunities to improve their lives; i.e. houses, potable water, schools, roads, health and sanitation. People reach out to the less fortunate neighbor with acts of kindness and compassion.

How We Work: Organizational Foundations
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