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The Agros Development Process

Land is the foundation of our approach to ending poverty. We help the rural poor to gain access to land and launch agriculturally-based businesses, empowering families to acquire productive assets and generate income. The Agros model is not about handouts; it is about creating opportunities. Once productive agricultural land is acquired, Agros implements a three-pronged development approach to create self-sufficiency.

This unique, participatory approach fully integrates these three critical components with land:

Development CycleMarket-Led Agriculture: Highly-skilled agronomists provide families with the technical expertise, agricultural inputs and market information needed to successfully cultivate, harvest and sell cash crops.

Financial Empowerment: Credit officers customize financial products to meet the cash flow and seasonal needs of the families to ensure business success and to teach basic financial literacy like budgeting, saving and investing.

Health & Well-being: Human development officers provide emotional, psychological and spiritual support while fostering community ownership of preventative healthcare, good nutrition and proper sanitation and hygiene.

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