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Journey With a Village

Journey with a Village (JWAV) is an Agros International program that builds partnerships between rural villages in developing countries and churches, businesses, individuals and community groups that are committed to their support. As the families purchase farmland and build their community, the JWAV partnership supports them in developing a sustainable livelihood, which restores dignity and transforms lives. It takes a community 7-10 years to grow from a loose organization of landless families into a self-governing, self-sustaining and thriving community.

The typical JWAV partner journeys with the village for two to five years. Building a thriving community is a team effort and success depends not only on the commitment and hard work of the families, but also on the consistency of help available from their JWAV partners. Village members develop a plan for their future and begin organizing themselves. Their JWAV partner helps them realize the plan through funding, friendship and hands-on support. The Noemí Fund provides loans for land, housing and infrastructure needs while the national staff of Agros specialists provides direct training, technical assistance and support.

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Get Involved: Journey With A Village


Make the journey of a lifetime alongside families in an Agros village

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