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Randy Johnson, Founder and CEO of Apple Physical Therapy, compares his involvement with Agros to falling in love:

“When you fall in love, you don’t fall in love with a part of a person, you fall in love with them as a whole person.  I fell in love with the total Agros process.”

Apple Physical Therapy is currently involved in the “total Agros process” through a Journey With a Village partnership with the Agros village of Nueva Palestina in Chiapas, Mexico.

Randy characterizes his experiences in Nueva Palestina as “life-changing” and cites one devastating story in particular that brought home to him the significance of Agros’ work and the tremendous importance of Agros’ mission.

apple pt - storyOn his first visit with Agros to Chiapas, Mexico, Randy and his two sons, both in high school, were playing an icebreaker game with members of the Agros village Nueva San Pedrito.

One of Randy’s sons introduced himself and described his mother and siblings back in the United States.  As he was talking, a young man in the circle broke into tears.  The interpreter asked why the man was crying and he responded that his tears were “a mix between happy and sad emotions“.

The young man was grateful for the opportunity to work with Agros, but the mention of family made him weep because the previous winter – before Agros began to work in his village – he lost his young son.  He and his wife had no food, money or jobs as winter was approaching, and fearing starvation they gave up one of their young sons for money in order to buy food for the rest of the family.

Randy and his sons were devastated when they heard this story.  The utter desperation experienced by so many rural poor families brought home to them the life-changing impact of Agros’ work.

Today, Apple Physical Therapy is committed to a long-term partnership with families in the Agros village of Nueva Palestina.  In just 14 months, Randy has seen a profound transformation in the village: economic, physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation.

apple pt - groupAs a self-employed entrepreneur, Randy is especially inspired by Agros’ commitment to empower entire rural villages to work their way out of poverty through sustainable entrepreneurship opportunities.

In Agros villages, individuals, families, and groups of neighbors are encouraged and trained to start small businesses to increase and diversify their income.

Randy describes this economic activity as an upward spiral of positive capitalism that empowers families to send their children to school, find more and greater income-generating opportunities, and improve the stability and security of each family’s livelihood for generations to come.

Randy so believes in the Agros model of development that, following his last visit to Nueva Palestina earlier this year, he came away with a vision of helping Agros develop 100 more villages in Chiapas!

Apple Physical Therapy is a physical therapy provider with a wide variety of outpatient physical therapy services and locations throughout the greater Puget Sound area.  They distinguish themselves by consistently championing values of service and community involvement.

Visit Apple Physical Therapy on the web and let them know you read about them at the Agros website.

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