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2010 is the Year of International Biodiversity

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) has named 2010 the year of International Biodiversity, with this year’s theme specifically recognizing the importance of the triad: Biodiversity, Development, and Poverty Alleviation on May 22nd.

According to the IFAD, biodiversity is the sum of all existing species, their interactions and the ecosystems they form. It is also the basis for agriculture, and together, they are both crucial in maintaining and improving food security.  IFAD President Kanayo F. Nwanze notes that this year’s biodiversity focus “is a timely opportunity to remind the world of how agricultural biodiversity can improve productivity and nutrition, enhance livelihoods, respond to environmental challenges and deliver food security. Indeed, biodiversity is a vital tool for rural development and poverty reduction.”

Agros shares the belief that biodiversity is crucial for maintaining sustainable agricultural systems and healthy communities. Working closely with farmers, Agros agronomists work to provide the resources and skills-based training necessary to create dynamic agricultural systems that can support families economically and provide them with access to healthy food.

The surrounding environment also benefits from the use of these techniques as they minimize the use of pesticides and herbicides and promote soil restoration. Farmers in Agros villages also receive technical assistance and resources for the implementation of reforestation projects.

Agros is committed to helping farmers balance the importance of maintaining a high level of biodiversity within the economic needs of farmers. This year you can help support Central American and Mexican farmers’ efforts to increase biodiversity by supporting the work of Agros.

Learn more about the pillars behind IFAD’s 2010 Year of International Biodiversity and the International Day of Biological Diversity.

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